is announcing its $ZAM token IDO, which will be held on the Lightning launchpad and on the 1st of November. is a hybrid on-chain CeFi-DeFi ecosystem that bridges real capital to blockchain and accelerates the transition to the decentralized economy. The project provides permissionless access to financial instruments that tailor the needs of multiple types of users in the crypto community including Institutional and retail investors, experienced traders and new adopters.

Advertisements is supported by a wide range of investors. Its list of institutionals includes Pools Ventures, Nakheel Capital, Sky Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, Gain Associates, Node Kapital and Crypto Avengers. Together they strengthen and accelerate the project.

What Does Offer?

The ecosystem provides easy access to an expansive list of both CeFi and DeFi products that democratizes finance for millions of users worldwide.’s main products are:

zMorgan. An on-chain platform for Securities-Based crypto Lending allows stock investors to transit their assets to blockchain by replicating their capital.

ZamWallet. A universal wallet lets users store, buy, sell and manage more than 200 digital assets with liquidity and security from Binance. In ZamWallet users are able to top up their accounts with fiat currencies via card.

Investment Portfolios. ZamWallet offers ready-made portfolios created and managed by experienced traders called “cryptonians”. They take care of users’ investments, buying them off and fixing profit at the right time according to all risk management standards. The product is developed to help users enter the crypto market safely.’s investment portfolios allow everyone to get the benefits from buying crypto, regardless of the experience. If the user’s assets grow in price, cryptonians get 15% of the profit too. In Q4 2021 the service will be launched.

$ZAM Token. It is’s native utility token, which is used to pay for fees, transactions, cross-border transfers, insurance, governance and more. $ZAM is a bridge token between CeFi and DeFi. The value of it is generated from’s ecosystem. Right now $ZAM is supported on the most widely used blockchains in the world: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.